3 Major Avenues In My Life: CNC Machining, Online Marketing, Auto Detailing

I have always had a dream of running my own company or companies. The thought of helping people to find careers in what I have built or even starting them off with some good skills and being able to provide a source of income always felt right to me.

In my years I have been moving around developing a source of value within myself to be able to start my own or even help others with their business. I tend to go into companies and even on my own time I learn all that I can to fulfill the dream that I began with.

My primary focus is to be able to build and sacrifice myself into a person with the knowledge in almost every aspect inside of a company to be able to speak any language within.

As I maneuvered through the various companies, I quickly became the go-to machinist in which gave me the opportunity to help others with the knowledge that I possess. While helping them with their daily tasks while also performing mine I would then be able to gain the experience a lot faster than normal while also being able to learn delegation.

I ventured into auto detailing, and marketing to be able to further my knowledge with the delegation process and to be able to attract what I wanted throughout my life.

I am problem-driven in which if I see a problem I tend to put tremendous focus into creating a solution, this is why I continue to get the leading role inside of each company I go to.

CNC Machining and Programming

I started a career in machining and programming when in my early 20s. This fits with me well through the challenge of constantly learning and applying new processes, materials, machines, and software.

IN every CNC machine shop I entered I learned as much as I could about all the machines and the cad/cam designing and programming software they had. The more I learned about all of these machines the more valuable I became in the machining field.

The start of The Machine Shop Helper came as a result of my obtained knowledge and to become limitless in the field of machining. Machining was a great field but I ended up getting burnt out not because it was too much but because it felt these shops wanted me to become more limited. With this creation, I hoped to open a door to be able to help multiple shops which will result in me being unlimited.

Mobile Auto Detailing and Pressure Washing

The start of a mobile detailing company came from wanting to increase my ability to perform in more of an unlimited way. This was an enticing career change that came with learning the multiple processes in detailing and how to market and promote what I had to offer.

When I ran into obstacles within the field like weather change or limited finances I was forced to expand my knowledge and find more ways to market and increase revenue. The add-on pressure washing service helped dramatically with the obstacles that were consistently arising.

Here 2 Help Marketing Agency
Here 2 Help Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Marketing online came when I wanted to increase growth in companies and increase the amount of exposure on my resume.

I learned the many avenues in marketing online like social media advertising, running google and bing ads, building websites, and much more. In my eyes, I knew if I could gain this experience that I would be able to promote anything that I wanted to build and also help others gain attention for what they were building.

I honestly underestimated the amount of knowledge that I would need to obtain to successfully perform my marketing task and being who I am I want to learn all I can to be able to perform my best in almost all of the aspects of marketing.

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