3 Things to know when cleaning your car

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Car washing is the basic form of detailing your vehicle. Even though it seems like an easy to do task this process can really harm your vehicle if it’s not done properly having to take a more in depth process like paint correcting. This article will help with some of the basics of washing your vehicle to ensure safely performing this process.

How to clean tires and rims?

In the car washing process, I like to start with the rims and tires. The rims and tires usually are the most contaminated part of the car and also one of the most time-consuming. When engaging in the process of cleaning the rims and tires you want to know what type of coating on the rims you are cleaning which there are different products that could be used safely for the differences but the procedures are the same.

The first step in cleaning your rims and tires is to have the appropriate rim and tire cleaning materials:

  1. 2 buckets one with clean water and the other with the cleaning solution diluted with water to the suggested dilution level both with grit guards.

  2. Tire brush

  3. Wheel brush for open-faced rims.

  4. Water hose

  5. Microfiber wash mitt

  6. Horse hairbrush

  7. Long and/or short handle finder brush

  8. Degreaser

  9. chamois

Once you have your materials together it's time to start with washing. Starting with one wheel at a time rinse your rim, tire, and wheel well thoroughly releasing the surface contaminants. For open-faced rims, I like to start within the interior of the rim from top to bottom using the wheel brush. You would want to continuously refresh your wheel brush by first dipping it in the clean water bucket to rid of all the dirt and contaminates you pulled off of the rim and dip in your water solution bring a clean lubricated wheel brush back unto your rim. After cleaning the interior of your rim rinse thoroughly.

Second I go to the face of the rim with the microfiber wash mitt. In this process I work in a circular motion around the rim getting the wider parts of the rim in which I can reach. In completion of the wider parts of the face, I turn to the horsehair brush cleaning the smaller parts of the face like the corners and around the lug nuts. Rinse the rim again thoroughly.

Third I clean the tires and wheel well by first spraying down the surface with the degreaser allowing a moment for the solution to loosen the surface dirt and contaminants. Next with the tire brush, I scrub the tires going in a circular arc kind of motion until complete. With the long and/or short handle finder brush clean the inside finder continuously rinsing the finder and my brushes as done before.

Last but not least I dry the rim with the chamois to avoid water spots. Continue on with repeating this process to the remaining rims and tires until complete.

How to Wash Car?

With cleaning the exterior of your vehicle I like to start from top to bottom in the result that your working from the less contaminated as in the top to the lower part of your vehicle which majority of the time is the most contaminated.

The items you would then need in preparation are:

  1. Two clean buckets, one containing clean water and the other containing water with the choice of car washing solution diluted to the recommended use. These two buckets are accompanied by grit guards placed in the bottom.

  2. Water hose

  3. Microfiber wash mitt

First I rinse the vehicle with my water hose losing any dirt off the surface of the car starting from top to bottom. When rinsing the vehicle first you want to make sure you rinse as best as possible to ensure that you minimize the potential of harming the vehicle's paint with left behind contaminants. These contaminants can create swirl marks and scratches which later you would need to do a more advanced process like paint correction.

Now the washing begins. With your two buckets and wash mitts start from the top of the vehicle and work yourself down. In this process, it is important to continue to rinse your wash mitt by dipping it into your clean water bucket and re-lubricate with your soapy water bucket. Be sure when you are working your way down that you are doing the entire section of the car's top to bottom.

How to Dry Your Car?

When drying your vehicle I tend to take the chamois and wet it first making it absorb the water like a sponge and wringing it out. I start from on side of the car and make a complete circle starting from top to bottom once again including the rims knowing that that they have gotten wet from the washing of the vehicle.

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