6 Primary Steps to Marketing Your Business

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

When promoting your business you need to first come up with a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is created to pinpoint where you are going to promote, who will you promote to, and how you will promote to them. Below I list some key elements which will help you create the strategy needed to attract the leads and customers that you need.

#1 Build a Website

I find that the website is like a resume for your company. When building the website you want to supply the foundation of what your company stands on, what it sells, and some of the projects you have completed.

#2 Local Listing

You want your business to be found and a great way to start is by submitting your company to local listing platforms. Places like Bing Places, Google My Business, and Local Listings are just a few. You are able to manually submit your company to these platforms or pay for a service to do so. I recommend a service that won't be too time-consuming and some places will even monitor your listing.

#3 Promote on Social Media

Promoting on social media has a drastic change in bringing your company to the world. Keep in mind that each social media platform is unique in ways and unless you do a little research before you promote to every one of them this can be a huge waste of time. For example, Facebook is kind of like an all-around platform but you don't want to promote your business to Facebook too much where you seem to be a salesy salesperson in which mainly the platform is for entertainment. Linkedin is more of a business platform so if you are in a field that can directly help other businesses this will be a good place to start.

#4 Create Flyers, Business Cards, Pamphlets, and etc

By creating handouts you will be always prepared for handing someone information on what you do. Also, you can do mailouts to promote your company with these handouts to find out where your customers are. Keep business cards with your companies information on you at all times, you never know who you may run into.

I use software like canvas, and Microsoft office to create these.

#5 Seo & Blogging

These two are highly effective. When creating your website it is crucial to optimize your photos, videos, and text so that search engines can do the promotion for you. Keep in mind when it comes to blogging that the blog is a key attraction to your site.

#6 PPC Advertising

A great way to boost your companies presence is to use pay-per-click advertising. Places like search engines and social media platforms offer you to pay for visibility by bidding on certain chosen keywords.

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