8 Things to Know to Protect Your Vehicle

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Protecting your vehicle is a must when dealing with our harsh weather changes and surrounding bad elements in which harm our vehicle's paint. If we all knew how much can harm our paint, most of us will never overlook this process.

Car Paint Protection

There are many ways you can protect your vehicle's clear coat. Wax is a way you can protect your vehicle in many forms.

You have spray wax which you can use between washes that keeps a layer provided on your paint. There are also paste and liquid waxes that keep your vehicle protected in most cases for up to 3 months depending on where the vehicle is stored and how often it is used. Then you have sealant which lasts up to 6 months in most cases.

There now is protection called ceramic coating which keeps your vehicle protected up to 2 years still depending on how and where the vehicle is kept.

How to Wax a Car

How to use spray wax?

First I’d like to say that spray wax can be easy to apply but you need to be careful to fully buff off the

leftover products.

In applying spray wax first the vehicle has to be clean and cool in a nice shaded area. Apply to the paint 1 panel at a time with a light spray buffing with a clean microfiber towel until your vehicle is complete.

I like to go back over the vehicle with another clean microfiber towel to buff any left product and work out any smears in the paint.

How to apply paste or liquid wax?

Just like the spray wax you want to first make sure the vehicle is clean in a cool shaded area. Apply a small amount of product on a clean microfiber applicator pad and spread across the surface one panel at a time evenly throughout the vehicle. Depending on the product there is a certain amount of time you can leave it on your paint finish.

One way you can tell when to remove is when the product dries to a haze. When removing the wax using a clean microfiber towel one section at a time constantly flipping to a fresh clean side so there is no harm being done to the paint.

After the entire vehicle is waxed and complete I like to go over the surface with a detailing spray or spray wax to buff off the remaining residue and work out any smearing.

How to apply car paint sealant?

Applying sealant is the same process as applying liquid or paste wax. The only difference is you apply it to the whole car and let sit for in most cases 20 minutes. Everything else does as you would like to apply

Applying car paint sealant on Kia Optima
Applying car paint sealant on Kia Optima


What is the purpose of car wax?

Paint sealant and wax offers protection over the clear coat of your car’s paint. When these products are applied to the surface of your paint your car will have protection against swirl marks, oxidation, UV rays, and other harmful elements that your vehicle is often exposed to.

Auto detailers use waxes and sealants to protect the car after doing any paint correction process even if they are doing something of the beginning stages like the clay bar process.

How often should I wax a car?

After photo of car paint sealant on Kia Optima
After photo of car paint sealant on Kia Optima

Car wax is meant to last up to 3 months. It is good to wax before then in order to keep your vehicle protected against harmful environments.

A car sealant will last for 6 months so between the time it is applied and then you want to be sure to reapply.

Keep in mind that these time frames are according to where and how you store your vehicle. Also how often the vehicle is driven.

What comes first out of spray wax, liquid wax, or paint sealant?

You always want to put the longest lasting protection first. When protecting your vehicle you want to first start with sealant for the most protection than the liquid or paste wax and top with spray wax.

I like to do this process when waxing my own vehicle to keep the sickest shine that my vehicle can possibly give.

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