4 Things to Look for when Calculating Feeds and Speeds

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Machine Sound

The sounds of your machine or the way your tool sounds will tell a lot about your feeds and speeds and how to adjust. Many times if you are hearing a loud vibration known as a chattering sound my first go-to is the speed of my tool.

There are sites and apps you can use to calculate your speeds and feeds. One app that I used was machinist calculator pro.

Where to Find The Numbers

One way to find the numbers known as the SFM, IPR, and the FPT are all seen on the supplier's website. Often times they give the chart of what type of insert or tool you are using and the material that you are cutting. These are starting points that I have often had to adjust when analyzing other things that will take place with the setup at hand.

What type of material are you machining

The material that you are cutting has a lot to do with the type of speeds and feeds you are using. For instance, if you are using a standard carbide endmill on aluminum, your feeds and speeds can be a lot higher than cutting on stainless steel.

How Sturdy is your Fixture, Tool Holder, and Setup

A lot of chatter can come from an unsteady setup. make sure that when setting up your part that you understand how tight to make your adjustments and too tight can also be as bad as too loose.

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