How to Promote Your Resume

The online market is consistently growing and our old way of going through promoting is being limited. There are many job search sites like Indeed, zip recruiter, and monster as some examples.

I have used these job search sites and found success in each one of them. The advantages of using these sites is that once you put your resume on these sites the site begins to promote your resume to the ones that are looking for you.

How do job search sites work

When using these job search sites your resume is embedded with keywords and phrases pertaining to your field and job description. What happens when you put your resume out it is then attracting the ones that are looking for these keywords which are related to the skills that are being looked for by the recruiter and/or the company.

Not only do these job search sites promote you within their very own personal database you are also publicly presented throughout the webs search engines like Google and Bing. These places is where your keywords and skills attract even more but in return to you getting views these job search agents also get viewed.

How do I use these job search sites

Knowing how the job search sites operate whenever I needed a job fast I would already have a created resume and if i needed to update it I would to be able to stand out and also be able to load more keywords into my resume. After my resume is made to my liking I would begin to promote it by using all of the job search sites. The vast majority want you to create a profile and upload your resume.

The reason I use more than one job search site is that each one may have a slightly different outreach strategy and are ranked differently throughout the web. Also not everyone looking for you uses every one of these job search sites so in order to find the right one I use as many as I can.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed is a well known job search site so the advantage of using this site is massive. Being that it is well known that means most individuals who are looking to hire will be on there. The bad part is that when you are the one looking to get hired is that there are also so many other individuals looking to get hired for that very same position looking to get filled. What I always remembered in my line of work that I knew that my skill set was unique but I did not always posses the proper certifications and degrees as some may have. This means that if I am applying for a certain job that I knew I wanted the competition was pretty high even though I knew I would be fully able to perform and even out perform other individuals I wouldn't always be recommended to even be presented to the ones hiring.


I love using Craigslist to promote my resume due to its uniqueness. Craigslist was a good inspiration to me creating A Great Work due to the unique job opportunities that were presented after I placed my resume on their site. The way I view it is that Craigslist doesn't just promote jobs and resumes. They also promote products, services, homes and more so they are able to attract a different array of individuals.

What is an ATS software?

The ATS stands for applicant tracking system. This helps recruiters and hiring managers to be able to filter through applications and resumes to find candidates for their open positions. This system can make your job search either very easy or very impossible if you do not understand how this works. If you don’t understand how the system works you can find yourself either taking a very long time in finding work or even settling for a job that you are over qualified for and worst making less income.

How to beat Applicant Tracking System Software?

There are software that will help customize your resume to get you presented in front of the recruiter. One of the softwares that I used is Skillseeker which takes your resume and the job description of the job you are looking to get hired for and having you to embed certain keywords that the ATS system will look for before sending your resume to the next step.

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