5 Common Mistakes when Washing Your Vehicle

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Clean Towels

In washing your vehicle you want to ensure that you are using clean towels. Especially microfiber towels which are actually made to collect surface contaminants. If your towels are not clean you will also leave smears all over your vehicle making you double work.

Dry Car Properly

After you wash you want to ensure that you dry your vehicle. A lot of water that we are using is not filtered and can produce water spots on our paint in which won't always be able to be removed by a simple wash.

Car Wash Soap

Dish detergent is a NO NO!! Dish detergent actually removes wax and also eats away at your clear coat.

Clean Tires

Many of us like to use tire dressing to top off our auto wash. In many cases, if your tire is not cleaned thoroughly and tire dressing is applied your dressing will sling off onto your clean vehicle and take it from me when I say that that stuff is not easy to get off. I tend to use a degreaser to lift the dirt and grease off of the tire and scrub.

Express Car Wash

Express car washes are excellent for getting your car clean quickly and is a great way to keep your car clean on the regular. Even though express car washes have a great advantage over time compared to a hand car wash you risk damaging your vehicle's paint and also not cleaning your car thoroughly.


Mostly known in a big truck wash when cleaning a big rig. Normally you use a degreaser as well as soap to clean the vehicle but also used in some cases on other vehicles. Degreasers are strong chemicals and if they aren't diluted to the proper ratio and not removed in a timely manner then you can harm you paint and or whatever you are applying this to.

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