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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Car Detailing Houston

T'Will's Auto Detailing was developed in the great city of Houston, Tx. It started from a car wash service with the founder and one of his longtime friends. They began in front of their work before and after work hours and on their off days.

As their hustle began to increase they began to attract clients from all over the Pasadena area from bars, restaurants, paint and body shops, and other surrounding warehouses and businesses. Later they were introduced to another detailer in which heightened their vision to adding on residential pressure washing.

In order for them to add that into their auto detailing service, they would need to purchase a pressure washer and upgrade their vehicles from a car to a truck. Once they have acquired what was needed they were also informed from their a new connection on the way to set up their truck to not only do pressure washing but also be able to do mobile auto detailing. Now they were able to bring their detailing to new levels by being able to travel to their customers fully equipped with water and all.

The business started to take a strain later on in

Before and after demonstrating paint correction process on the hood of a green Ford Expedition
Before and after paint correction process

their journey due to a separation of jobs and locations in which the two had to go separate ways. This is what began T'Will's Auto Detailing.

Mobile Auto Detailing

The time began to which the founder had to make a decision either to leave the dream of creating his own or continuing on starting from scratch back to working at his place of employment. Well, clearly he chose to keep going back at the bottom in hopes to get back to where they left off soon in creating an auto detailing service.

As clientele began to build and having to give up the place in which he first conducted business he had to transition back into mobile detailing but without the equipment he once was able to utilize and in a car carrying all of his product in the trunk. Still working around the 12 hr. shift sometimes he began to be able to attract more opportunities in which resulted in more fatigue than anything that was very light in the beginning.

The founder made a decision to go after which he believed to be his destiny and moved on from working for another to working for himself self which was a whole new struggle. Now all of the income was going towards either more product or his family and daughter and began to be not enough. He began to search for a way to give his business a boost in revenue by searching for a truck and a pressure washer.

His spouse at the time had a family member in which owned their own landscaping business and they had an old pressure washer just lying around in which they were able to lend him. They were also able to lend him a truck and water tank to fully equip him with what was needed in his transition. For sure he thought that now he would get to the point he wanted but he would soon find otherwise.

Before and after engine cleaning on Chevrolet Corvette
Before and after engine cleaning on Chevrolet Corvette

Auto Detailing Marketing Plan

By switching to his new transition the workload ended in changing against what he was trying to head towards. By leaving the environment he was once in Pasadena he traveled to a place in Houston where he began to limit himself from being an auto detailer to back to being a car washer not by job description but by income.

In this move, he began to become complacent in staying at a barbershop relying on their incoming traffic to sustain him in which it did but not for the cost he was once used to or in the direction of where he wanted to go. What happened was he dropped his prices for the environment in order to promote his detailing and never dropped his attention to detail. Constantly doing more for less resulted in once again ending in fatigue.

This dying need of the side of the business he once knew he began to increase attention towards more to handing out flyers, promoting on social media, and then more cold calls. This approach began to work and once again a turn for the worst that resulted in needing to return the borrowed truck with included tank and pressure washing. Even though he didn’t have the necessary equipment and had to result back into detailing out of the back of the car he still pursued marketing knowing that he would have the opportunity to have another shot at getting his set up again. The hours that weren’t spent detailing cars were spent marketing around the clock.

The Call:

All Work

All of his efforts began to start looking better for him when he received a call from his longtime friend about the truck that they had begun with. He granted him an offer he couldn’t refuse and in return, he was able to get the truck with the majority of the product and some of the equipment that he left behind. After that call,

Buffing a Mercedes Benz
Buffing a Mercedes Benz

he knew he needed the pressure washer back and was gracefully able to just make a phone call and go and pick it up.

Once again back on the road to success. He was able to continue on with his past customers and gain new ones through word of mouth and his marketing ideas. He was able to collaborate at times with a past contact in which resulted in more work and knowledge but yet in still not having what It takes to supply a business plus a family at home. He would do all It took to try and provide from working side gigs and short hustle to make ends meet.

The solution he was looking to find was how to get more pressure washing jobs on a consistent base in which he knew resulted in more revenue. This solution was challenging until one day he found a solution and shared it with his recently formed collaboration.

SUCCESS!!! It felt like the solution was working for us both. The calls were coming in and the jobs were lining up for about 2 weeks. After that successful hit calls slowed and the result of going back to detailing took place in which we couldn’t do all as in market, detail, and pressure wash all at once so you can guess what’s next.

Auto Detailing Training

After the thought of being able to supply employment or shall I say offer others an opportunity had emerged he took a dive right into it. He began looking for people he could train to help with the workload he had the ability to create.

He knew the training would consist of high-quality cleaning products, exterior car detailing supplies, and interior detailing products. He also would have to get more in-depth with the knowledge of using a clay bar and removing swirl marks. The proper use of car wax, drying towels, washing mitts, and microfiber towels all in today's car care and protection to provide the car owner with the best service.

Before collage of interior car cleaning
Before collage of interior car cleaning

A friend of his had a brother who was in the car washing industry and was eager to join his journey. The friend also had others who he could bring on to help so in his mind more people more work accomplished and once again more revenue.

Things did not go as planned and at times he was only able to pay the workers, or gas and product so guess what no revenue. For some reason, he went back into fully detail in the area where he was only able to charge promotional prices and for some reason still accomplishing the same amount of work as he did on his own. His attention to detail got more aggressive and the price stayed the same and also trying to wear too many hats at the same time.

After collage of interior car cleaning
After collage of interior car cleaning

The Crash:

The Letting Go Stage

By this time the fight has taken so much out of him and going forward began to be impossible. It was not only the fight with everything going on with the business but also everything going on personally. The sacrifice was tremendous by leaving a full time job to go for what was at one time a dream. It resulted in him loosing everything including his family. The truck began to stall and the pressure washer that he had was beginning to strain and money was seeming to be scarce.

In the process of trying to build this dream in one perspective was a nightmare but in another perspective was a dream come true. It really wasn’t about building a business it was about the business building him to be able to withstand the storms and pressures of becoming that of destiny.

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