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Providing CNC Machining Service

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machine Training

I can put together a training program for your operators in which i can teach either basic or advanced machining techniques. CNC and manual lathe and mill

CNC Management

I can put together a management process to help keep the desired work load in order.

CNC Sales

I can help with sales in getting in more work for your company with marketing techniques.

3d Desgin

3d or blueprint design in cad software no matter for a company or a prototype.

CNC Programming

I can help with all programing needs either you need a programmer, trainer, or assistance making production fast and precise. 

CNC Webinars

Training online

What Is The Machine Shop Helper

The Machine Shop Helper was created to assist with multiple CNC machine shops in Houston, tx and surrounding areas. I offer the many skills I have accumulated over the years in machining to help grow and develop these shops. I have been to many shops and learned many processes in which I believe could be very valuable to more shops than my past. 

I've noticed over these years in machining that I always learn the process and the job requirements to a point in which I become exceptional in the position I fill. Once my exceptionalism began to be performed over years at start till now months in a company I began to fill unfulfilled to where I have to move on to another company to increase my abilities constantly humbling myself to learn as much as I could in the new company.

In the beginning I did not know why I would get the feeling to move on until recently in which I understand I bring more capacity in to be able to help multiple companies.

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